Outbreak of Potentially Deadly Bacteria Reported in Four States

DECEMBER 15, 2022 - Federal officials are on high alert as potentially deadly germs break out in at least four states.
A bacterium called Strep A has killed 13 of her children in the UK. In the United States, NBC News reported that cases have been reported in Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Washington.
The same type of bacteria that commonly causes strep throat can also cause a serious infection called group A streptococcal disease (GAS), causing carnivorous disease, toxic shock, and sometimes death. It may come. ''These are cases that go beyond common strep throat,'' James Barsalovich, M.D., told NBC News.
Versalovic is the chief pathologist at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. Texas Children's Hospital is the largest children's hospital and drain in the United States.
Earlier this month, the CDC said it was ''investigating a possible increase in invasive group A streptococcal disease (iGAS) among children in the United States,'' suggesting that parents may have necrotizing fasciitis (carnivorous fasciitis). sexually transmitted disease) symptoms and streptococcal virulence. shock syndrome.
Symptoms to look out for are:
• Your skin becomes red, hot, swollen, or very painful right after an injury or surgery
• Fever and chills, myalgia, nausea, vomiting followed by low blood pressure, increased heart rate, or increased breathing 24-48 hours
Toxic shock can lead to organ failure and death, says the CDC.
''People with kidney failure may not produce urine,'' the agency says. ''People with liver failure may bleed profusely, bruise, and have yellow skin and eyes.''
Parents should seek immediate medical attention if their child exhibits any of these symptoms, says the CDC. increase, so make sure your children have the latest immunizations.

26 Dec 2022