Vasectomy Requests Increase After Roe Ruling

June 30, 2022 – Vasectomy filings begin to surge as Supreme Court dismisses Roe v. Wade.
A urologist told The Washington Post that more men are seeking surgery to prevent pregnancy and avoid abortion concerns.
Doug Stein, M.D., of his Florida, said: A urologist known as the ''King of Vasectomy'' for his support of vasectomy told the newspaper.
By Friday, Stein said he was getting four to five vasectomy orders a day. But as of Friday, that number has increased to 12-18 requests per day.
''Many people say they've been considering a vasectomy for a while, and Roe v. Wade is just the final factor pushing them over the edge and getting them to submit online registrations,'' he said. I got
A urologist in California, Iowa and New York has seen a significant increase in the number of vasectomy consultations and his website traffic to vasectomy information pages, he told the Post. I'm talking
A vasectomy is a procedure that prevents sperm from passing through the vas deferens and attaching to semen. About 20 years ago, Americans said the main reason they turned to vasectomy as a form of birth control was so that they or their partners could have all the children they wanted. . Other reasons, such as medical problems and other types of contraceptive issues, have become more common in the past decade, the paper reported.
Roe v. Once statewide anti-abortion laws were repealed and anti-abortion laws were enacted statewide, vasectomy advocates have been encouraging people to have the surgery.
Stein said his practice is now scheduled for a vasectomy and he is booked through the end of August, so he has added more days in his schedule to attend to recent inquiries. it is open. He and fellow John Currington, M.D., said more childless men under 30 are demanding more trials than before, and the Supreme Court should consider other landmark cases to protect. Some quote the consensus view of Justice Clarence Thomas, who said that Reconsider 14th Amendment rights, such as access to contraception.
“I think at least 60 to 70 percent are referring to the Supreme Court ruling,” Currington said, according to the Post. ''And some of them, as young men, are so educated that the more they really think about Judge Thomas and his opinion, the more likely birth control is next. And it's shocking. It's It didn't seep into our conversation until this week.''

30 Dec 2022