Abortion Restrictions Linked to Increased Suicide Rates: Study

29 December 2022 - Limited access to abortion may increase suicide risk among women of reproductive age, new research suggests.
The study, published Wednesday in her JAMA Psychiatry, linked the enforcement of a type of law called ''targeted restrictions on abortion providers'' to her state-level suicide rate from 1974 to 2016. was investigated. Collectively known as the TRAP Act, the law meets requirements critics say have no medical basis, such as providing labs with precise dimensions and requiring doctors access to hospitals. The clinic is required to do so.
A study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that women who lived in one of the 21 states that restricted access to abortion during this time had an increased risk of suicide during their reproductive years.
Specifically, after the state imposed detailed restrictions on abortion clinics, the analysis showed that the suicide rate for women aged 20 to her 34 rose by 5.8% from hers. Finding the right hormonal contraceptive
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''Stress is a major contributor to mental health burden and an important factor in increasing the risk of suicide,'' said researcher and psychiatrist Ran Barzilay, MD, PhD in a press release.
In addition to examining suicide rates before and during law enforcement, the researchers also used side-by-side comparisons of suicide among older women and death from other leading causes.
Car accident.
 Even after further controlling for demographic and economic factors such as race and unemployment status, the association between living in TRAP states and suicide remained. ''This association is strong and has nothing to do with politics,'' Vergilai said. ''It's all backed by data.''
Researchers have found that suicide is the third leading cause of death among young women.
An editorial published alongside the study estimated that her 127 suicides among young women in 2016 may have been related to abortion restrictions.
In an editorial, Dr. Tyler Vanderweele, a biostatistician at Harvard University, wrote that the findings were ''clinically concerning'' and ''indicate a need for support and psychiatric care.''

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